In search of Knowledge Excellence

cnt4 In search of Knowledge Excellence Welcome to the Manav Rachna family! Welcome to the dream of our Chairman Dr O.P. Bhalla where values take shape in the form of worship. This is a temple of a different kind where small strides through education of knowledge and values take us to greater heights. That is the dream which the Sr. Vice President of MRIU Mr. Prashant Bhalla and Vice President Dr Amit Bhalla wish to take forward. Their young creative minds desire that the banner of knowledge be carried across the globe and our students may say that we are the world.

It was a small step taken 15 years ago. The University has not only spread its wings and attracted students from across the country but has also been responsible in a big way to give Faridabad the prestigious banner of being an ‘educational hub’. Manav Rachna believes that horizons  are  unlimited and the name ”Manav Rachna” has spread globally today and has attracted the attention of many international universities and Institutes of repute which have tied up with us.

MRIU dares to think differently and by “attaining the Deemed to be University status we have the freedom to create our new curriculum for different subjects. The inputs to the curricula have come not only from renowned educationists but also from experienced personnel from the Corporate world to enable us to bridge the gap which has existed over the years,” says the Vice Chancellor, Dr N.C.Wadhwa. “We want to be modern in our thinking but at the same time maintain our values so that our students remain attached to their roots where culture and tradition form an integral part,” he emphasizes. It is this desire to think differently that has led the University to realize the handicaps that students often face when they enter the job market. “It is an impetus for our B. Tech students to intern with companies for 24 weeks before they leave the campus and carry the burden of the work load,” says the Vice Chancellor who has vast experience in education field including as VC of MD University. “Academic excellence, hands on practical knowledge and experience besides due personality grooming has resulted in students being placed in top companies all over the country.  When quality second to none seems to be the motto of the MR family, the faculty members who form an integral part of the family, have to keep themselves abreast with the latest in their field”, he adds.

Recently, MRIU has signed an agreement with iCarnegie Inc., a majority owned subsidiary of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Pittsburg, USA to offer System Software Development courses developed by faculty of CMU. iCarnegie’s mission is to work with Carnegie

Mellon schools, programs and faculty to develop and maintain exceptional curriculum and professional skill lab girl In search of Knowledge Excellence certifications in technology, strategy and business. iCarnegie curriculums are delivered by licensed education partners, which receive additional support services from iCarnegie in the areas of rapid faculty preparation, ongoing instructor support and mentoring, data analysis, program management, and marketing-to help ensure successful program implementation. iCarnegie’s course content is presented through its web-based learning management system (the Trestle LMS). This LMS supports the workflow needs of students, instructors, administrators, course developers and back-office personnel for students.

Our students enrolled in various B.Tech streams in the academic year 2012-13 shall undertake two iCarnegie courses. B.Tech- Electronics & Communication Engg and Electronics Engg shall undertake three additional courses leading to credentials titled, “ Certificate in Computer Programming” by iCarnegie. Students enrolled in B.Tech-Computer  Science and Engg and Information Technology shall undertake additional eight courses leading to iCarnegie.credentials titled, “ Certificate in Computer Programming” and “Certificate in System Software Development”. iCarnegie graduates occupy positions of high responsibility in leading software development around the globe. iCarnegie curricula in computing , software engineering, security and information systems combine Carnegie Mellon’s strength in technology with market needs in areas of strategy, policy and business. Professional programs focus on making each employee better in using work related skills that combine people, process and technology effectively. “Our association with iCarnegie shall definitely be fruitful in providing the same academic platform to our students, which is available to the students enrolled in top American Universities” says Dr. M.K Soni, ED and Dean FET.

group In search of Knowledge Excellence Learning in its own way can be full of adventure as Dr B.S.Gill, Associate Director from Faculty of Engineering and Technology believes. ”The IQ of students has to be commended. They are a lot which is not satisfied without making queries, without asking questions and it is up to us as teachers to ‘tickle’ their creative instincts leading to new innovations”, says the engineer who shows off the numerous award winning creations of his students year after year. The batmobile inspired buggy, namely, the All Terrain Vehicle designed and manufactured by his students won the best new concept car award at BAJA SAE India 2009 event held at Indore. The ATV was also judged as the best concept car at Religare Auto Mall Expo at Gurgaon in October 2010. The students also participated in SUPRA SAE India 2011 event in Chennai and were awarded the best innovation prize for their Formula style racing car; they bagged one more prize for the vehicle in the competition, thus becoming one of the few teams to win multiple awards at the same event. The students have participated in several other events held at national level with teams from various prestigious institutions and reached up to finals. Major among these events are BAJA SAE 2010 competition held at Pune; National Robotic Contest “ROBOCON” held in Pune in 2009, 2010 and 2011; BAJA Asia SAE India 2010 – Virtual Design Event and SAE NIS EFFI-CYCLE 2011 event held in October 2011 in Chandigarh. They have also made it to the finals of Shell-Eco 2012 “Most Fuel Economic Car” and SUPRA SAE India 2012 “High Speed Formula Type Car”. This way the students have demonstrated their creativity and team work. “God must have been an engineer”, says the researcher with a smile and firmly believes that automation is the keyword in the engineering sector.

To take the Manav Rachna dreams forward is the Manav Rachna Innovation and Incubation Center  (MRIIC) which is DSC0342 In search of Knowledge Excellence dedicated for innovation. It provides an open platform to inspire, the students from “idea to innovation”In the two years of its existence it has showcased a large number of projects.The award winning ones include, “Tractrobot”, “Pregna Care System’’and “HIV+”.Tractrobot is an automation kit which replaces human controlled agricultural operations into a robot controlled tractor; It bagged second prize in Imagine Cup 2011 India Final. It also won the grand prize of 10 Lakh in Intel Embedded Challenge 2010. Pregna Care System which is a user centric embedded system device aimed at providing healthcare and services to pregnant women and infants, won the second prize in Imagine Cup 2011. HIV+ is a HIV machine which assures 100 percent secrecy for an HIV test ;It won the Gold Medal at Intel India Embedded Challenge 2011 Finals. MRIU has recently implemented Microsoft Faculty Connect Programme which will enable the faculty to interact with their peers globally. MRIU is also registered with MicrosoftLive@edu programme which will enable online collaboration between students and faculty. Many more such projects are in various stages of implementation.It is hoped that various initiatives under taken the aegis of MRIIC will go a long way in contributing toward our excellence in education.
CNT3 In search of Knowledge Excellence Faculty at Manav Rachna believes that a vision is a dream which can be achieved, and nursing a vision is great but thoughts must be put into action. In this context MRIU attaches a lot of importance to basic sciences and feels the even the smallest of cells holds a lot of importance and nano technology is the science of today and tomorrow. Similarly renewable energy technologies like Solar photo Voltaic cells are the emerging fields of tomorrow. When it comes to setting up of technical laboratories, MRIU believes only in the state-of-the art laboratories. It is this attribute that in disciplines like biotechnology students get attracted to the Campus. “Students spend 50 percent of their time acquiring hands on skill so as to shape up as readily employable professionals in biotech market”, says Dr.Sarita Sachdeva, Professor & Head ,Biotechnology ,FET .Industrial training during the course is compulsory which enables the student to understand the jargons of industrial setup. Final year project/Dissertation is a dream which every student creates for himself and realizes in Department of Biotechnology. Anchored in this success they pave way for higher education at global level,as is evident from a large number of student pursuing their studies/research in acclaimed universities in India & Abroad . “Applied research oriented projects from Industry i:e Pharma,Food,Waste-Water treatment, formulation etc. undertaken, add value to serious orientation towards delivering of quality education.”, she adds. It is noteworthy that the MRIU Biotechnology Department is pursuing a collaborative research project with Lahti University Of Applied Sciences, Finland, in the Area of Biofuels from Algal Biomass.

Recently the University hasstarted numerous programmes which promise bright careers in days ahead. These include the New Product Development Programme which is a joint MRIU-JBM Cadmium initiative in providing training on New Product Development as part of B.Tech curricula in the fields of Mechanical, Automobile, Aeronautical and Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The programme has been launched in association with New Business Development Association (NBDA) Netherlands and SIOO Singapore. The NPD programme will give insight to the students on developing new products and processes. The course is being delivered by renowned foreign professors and consultant who specialize in new product development and innovation.

The other programmes include MBA with Finance as one of the specializations in which KPMG experts will deliver 400 hours of Instructor led training and 200 hours of LMS based study; The  BBA (Banking) program in collaboration with NIIT and a consortium of Indian banks (including ICICI, Dhanalakshmi, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank) and The BCA (outsourcing) which includes training and certification by BCI licensed International Centre for Outsourcing Studies,the first ever such centre set up in India. “The focus in our MBA Course is on the overall development of the individual, with stress on ethics and values, good governance and Corporate Social Responsibility. Our students put in more than 100 hours of Community Service and are actively involved in development projects like education, health etc in rural and underdeveloped areas and work with underprivileged and marginalized sections of society. Our students work with the Police and other agencies of civil society to learn governance and responsibility” adds Dr. Chavi Bhargava Sharma, Director FMS.

Manav Rachna believes in philosophy that Sports is all forms of physical activity which, through organised participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical fitness and at the same time provide entertainment . The focus of Management is visible in the huge infrastructure which has been created to nurture world class talent along with teaching values that are common in sports. Management along with Sports Director Mr Sarkar Talwar is leaving no stone unturned to provide top class coaching facilities and infrastructure  to allow young people to discover their talent and also to experience  sports and competition in a structured, rule based environment, where they can learn  to treat  triumph and disaster – “just the same”. Sports culture in Manav Rachna follows the motto – ‘Teamwork in adversity; Dignity and generosity in victory or defeat ‘ very seriously.

Management also strongly believes that  physical activity boosts concentration and feeds through directly into improved academic performance and also that Competition addresses a basic human desire to stretch one to the limit of one’s potential and hence they are continuously growing their sports facilities so that such potential can be recognized and unleashed. The MR family takes great pride in their sports infrastructure which aids in development of sports including the Shooting Range which is one of its kind in any university nationwide providing training not only to students but also to sports icons like Mr Gagan Narang, Ms Aneesa Khan, Ms Annuraj singh and Ms Shweta Chaudhary thus encouraging their capability of bringing laurels to the country. Other prominent facilities include Squash, flood light lit basket ball and cricket grounds, state of the art Gym, half size Olympic Standard Swimming pool and a distinctive Sports Academy with facilities like badminton, aerobics, billards, chess, table tennis, lawn tennis,  basketball, shooting, golf etc not only to students but also to citizens of NCR. Manav Rachna band was selected to create  the official theme song for The volunteer program of the common wealth games 2010 in Delhi and also performed the same at the opening ceremony of the games and later at the CWG village alongside famous blues act ‘ The Soulmate’ Manav Rachna band also created theme song for Sports Authority Of India for theme ‘come and play’ that was launched by SAI across the country on  09 October 2011.

Manav Rachna students have been excelling in various tournaments held in the country. Notably, they bagged the Gold
Medal in Football & Basket ball events in All India Technical Inter University Championship 2011 held at IIT Kanpur. During the tournament Ms. Ankoo Gorsi won a Gold in Long Jump and Bronze in the Shot Put. Master Anil Kumar won Gold medal in 60 kg category in The 4th Asian Goju Ryu Karate Do Championship 2012 held at
Jamshedpur , Jharkhand.
Creating sports facilities is just one aspect of good health. Manav Rachna takes it one step forward and the Faculty of gagan In search of Knowledge Excellence Applied Sciences headed by Prof G.L. Khanna which offers courses in Physiotherapy, Nutrition & Dietetics and Hotel Management. With top – of – the line infrastructure and hands-on experience, Prof Khanna take great pride in saying, “often it is noticed that what our students learn at the graduation level goes a long way in their profession”. His claims are supported by the fact that students often find placements while they are an internee. “We are leaving no stone unturned for our students to be able to compete at the international level”. The department takes pride in International Associations with Leeds Metropolitan University, U.K, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Finland and Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia. The Physiotherapy students have an option of student exchange programme between these universities. Our students recently had an active participation in International sports training workshop at Tsukaba University, Japan. The department has active research collaboration with European Researchers, Univeristi Sains, Malayasia and Projects with Department of Science & Technology, Govt of India. The department has an outpatient Physiotherapy department with philanthropic vision to cure disorders & dysfunctions related to musculoskeletal diseases, neurological ailments & cardiopulmonary dysfunctions. Also the department has excellent facilities for sports injury rehabilitation & consultation both at university campus and at Manav Rachna Sports Academy.

Research is a process to arrive at dependable solutions of the problems through a well planned approach. Some believe it to be means of continuously advancing knowledge for promoting progress in all spheres of life. This temperament is of fundamental interest to any educational institution as it paves way to strengthen the academic grid. MRIU launched its Ph.D programme in 2009 in various disciplines i.e. Engineering, Basic and Applied Sciences, Humanities, Management Studies etc as per UGC guidelines. This opened the doors of imbibing knowledge from many spheres leading to new horizons not only at individual level but also at departmental levels. All efforts are in place to produce quality doctorates. The insight is to develop the cognitive abilities ie: understanding, comprehension, analysis, and evaluation, the structure of deductive and inductive reasoning.The scholar is also induced to have general awareness and knowledge of sources of information and be aware of interaction between people, environment and natural resources and their impact on quality of life. At present 3 batches of Research scholars are enrolled. Apart than this many faculty members are engaged in active basic research and a number of discipline defined clusters are operative in the campus. At Manav Rachna the journey from basic to innovative research is on and would certainly produce rich dividends .MRIU has undertaken a large no. of research projects. In addition, the University encourages faculty members to publish articles in various journals. It also holds numerous conferences and symposiums from time to time to enable the faculty members and students to enhance and showcase their intellectual acumen and knowledge. MRIU faculty on rolls at present, in last 5 years, have published numerous research papers in international and national journals, besides presenting them in international/ national conferences. In addition, faculty of the university has published 26 books in the last three years The number of patents filed after conferment of deemed to be university status are 18 out of which 5 have already been granted, Prominent one’s are “Viewing device for use with combustion chambers”, “Pilot burner ignition system for use with combustion chambers”, and “A process for the preparation of highly stable solid precursor material useful for tungsten oxide based electrochromic coatings” amongst others.

DSC 00280028 In search of Knowledge Excellence While speaking of training students at the international level the fundamental requirement means focusing on quality education. Dr A.K. Kapoor who heads the Manav Rachna Dental College affiliated to Pt. B D Sharma University of Health Science Rohtak, follows only one dream: hands on knowledge coupled with quality training will only produce good dentists. Dentistry has always been a neglected branch of medicine but, he adds, “Nature does not help the lost tooth to grow again. In this case we have to help ourselves to keep fit.” Good teeth are the basic to good health and we shouldn’t forget that the facial functioning is more complex because it is impossible to immobilize the mouth. But dedication in students is what Dr Kapoor emphasizes the most; here counseling plays a very important part.

“Manav Rachna International University has created a mark for itself by providing highly skilled technical Graduation and Post Graduation education to the youth through its excellent academicians and state of the Art, laboratories and clinics” feels Maj. Gen. (R) P.N. Awasthi, Advisor, Manav Rachna Dental College.

“ Manav Rachna is not going to remain content till they see their banner fly across the world.” It is with their challenge that Col (R) K.S.Gujral, Director International Education Centre which guides students and keeps them abreast of the courses which MRIU has tied up with other Universities and given us the pride of having an international tag. He is now communicating with Canada, USA and many more countries looking at tie-ups in the technical and management disciplines. These tie-ups will give new heights to our international alliances. Already we have students on our rolls from nine countries including Congo, Bangladesh, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Yeman, Nigeria, Syria, Iran and Afghanistan. The programmes run in Faculty of International Programmes are of International standards with global perspective.These are “conducted in an intellectually stimulating environment in association with foreign universities / institutions .The presence of foreign students from various country’s add value to international programmes in the areas of cross cultural and global conflicts/uncertainties management” adds Dr. Anil Sarin, Dean Faculty Of International Programmes.

Manav Rachna Educational Institutions including Manav Rachna International University have a strong legacy in developing meaningful interface with Industry, Trade and Commerce. Corporate Resource Centre of the University is actively engaged in establishing and strengthening linkages with the employers in terms of training and placement of students, training of faculty, joint R & D and sponsored projects, developing competency based curricula, expert lectures and feedback on the performance of alumni etc. Although a large number of multinational and national industries have been employing passouts from the University, it enjoys special relationship with some of the key players, like :

  • TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) who as a first in the country have launched TCS-MRIU Pragati Project under which 20 B.Tech.-Computer Engg and Information Technology students have been jointly selected in the very 1st year to be imparted training in software development from the beginning with award of development projects by TCS to ensure employability skills of the highest order. TCS has also given valuable inputs on improving the curricula of B.Tech programmes to enhance employability skills amongst the passouts including those who are not part of this project. The academic autonomy enjoyed by the University empowers it to revise curricula as per the suggestions given by the employers including software giants like the TCS, WIPRO, Microsoft, Infosys and Maruti.
  • TCS has also been partnered for implementing Enterprise Resource Planning solution for total automation of university processes in the fields of Learning Management Systems administration, management, finance and academics.
  • Maruti Suzuki Ltd has empanelled Manav Rachna Institutions for Internship, training and Campus placement of students but also provides support for expert lectures, feedback on curricula, student project etc. Maruti has already donated machinery and equipments worth Rs.15 lac approximately for training of students.
  • Infosys Technologies has launched Campus Connect Programme under which faculty and students are trained for skill development thus enhancing the employability of University pass outs.
  • M/s JBM Cadmium Pvt. Ltd. Is taking care of training in computer aided design and drafting and computer aided manufacturing.
  • Spyker Cars, Netherlands, has trained a batch of 16 M.Tech students in Automotive Design and Technology of international standards. Besides, a number of industrial establishments in NCR have sponsored Industry specific projects for MR students.
  • IB Turbo PVt. Ltd. Ghaziabad has sponsored a project for developing a prototype of an externally fired Sterling Engine for conversion of thermal energy into mechanical energy. PIL, Rudrapur, Perfect Bakery Faridabad and L R Foods Pvt. Ltd. Faridabad have also sponsored projects on Herbal Plants, Mushroom Cultivation and Purification of Ground Water Reserves.
  • MR is an Institutional Member of CII, FICCI and EPSI. Besides it has strong association with local chambers including Faridabad Industry Association, Faridabad Small Industry Association, Faridabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Manufacturers Association etc. ensures that our students easily bag placements because of our reputed brand name. The University also has strong linkages with NGOs and Hospitals including Lions Club, Rotary Club, Art of Living, ISKON, Batra Hospital, VIMHANS Hospital, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, Sarvodaya Hospital, Metro Heart Hospital, ESI Hospital etc. for Blood Donation, Health Camps, Eradication Deadly Diseases and Training of students.In order to ensure that our Hotel Management Graduates become readily employable on  graduation, we ensure their Training in our tie- ups Hotels like Radisson, Park Plaza, Country Inn & Suite, The Lemon Tree, Red Fox, The Claridges, The Atrium, The Metropolitan, Mc Donalds and The Radisson Blue, amongst others.

Whether qualifications are acquired at the national or inter-national level, the ultimate aim is to secure a good placement. A Corporate Resource Centre (CRC) has been set up to enhance the opportunities for students of all streams, besides assisting in seeking summer training and internships.

Our placements speak volumes of our academic excellence which would not have been possible without the faculty MG 0209 In search of Knowledge Excellence members who are not only picked up for their qualifications but also for their vast experience which allows them to communicate their knowledge to their students. Equipped with the best laboratories and infrastructure the work of the faculty members although an uphill task, is made interesting and enjoyable. And to add to it, meritorious students are even awarded scholarships and some needy students are provided financial assistance. Services of Corporate trainers in various fields have been availed to ensure high employability skills amongst the students. NIIT, Hero Mind mine and M/s Aspire Human Capital Management Pvt. Ltd. has been taking care of communication and soft skills training. In addition, Counseling is one of the key words which every department, every faculty member keeps on top priority when interacting with students.

Placements is where we have a real edge; because of very strong, focused, Industry Academia partnership Manav Rachna has an excellent track of placements in reputed companies. Major employers of University pass outs include Maruti, TCS, Oracle, Dell, BirlaSoft, IBM India, Tech Mahindra, HCL Technologies, Wipro, Infosys, L&T, Eicher, IBM, JBM Aviva Life, Motherson Sumi, Maruti Suzuki, ICICI Bank, OMAX Autos, Hewitt, Microsoft, US Technology, Tech Mahindra, Birlasoft, L & T Infotech, IFLEX, M-Phasis, i GATE, Patni Computers, NIIT Technologies, Escorts Ltd, Sapient, Perot System, Damco Solutions, Sandvik Coromant, Vedanta-Sterlite Group, VA Tech, Johnsons Controls, Huawei Telecomm., Nagarro, Syntel, CitiBank, Jindal Steel & Power ltd., Indian Air Force, Hyderabad Industries, Su – kam Power System Ltd., Religare, Ahuja Radios, Nokia, Siemens, Genpact, HDFC Life Insurance, Yes Bank, Grandprix, Lemon Tree Hotel, Hilti International, Road Dynamics, Life Cell India, Stanely Works and Akon Electronics etc like. In the year 2011 as many as 765 students were placed in these and other organizations with very high credentials .Despite the fact that the placement season has just begun, as many as 401 students have already been placed from the 2012 batch and have already got their offer letters for joining in mid 2012. (For latest placement details please log on to our website:

It is because of our past achievements the Government has chosen Manav Rachna along with leading players like Thapars, Jindals and Birlas to be the key players at the Rajiv Gandhi Education City at Sonepat which will start functioning from 2013 session. “Education Sector in India is booming but only the fittest Institutions will survive in the long run” says Prof Victor Gambhir, the Pro Vice Chancellor of MRIU. “We will have to offer quality at a price which is competitive and the MR family is confident that we will be able to make a mark and achieve our goal towards excellence because we do not compromise on quality.”The proposed Manav Rachna University at Sonepat will offer programmes which will follow global curricula mapped with international universities and at the same time ensuring that industry- academia inputs go a long way in shaping the future of the passouts.

Academics and over-all development through communication skills allow our students to think big and dream big. These dreams are more than often fulfilled and gives opportunity to the University to concentrate on community services. Besides holding conferences on subjects ranging from nano technology to environment to stem cell seminars, blood donation camps and health check up camps all form a part and parcel of the extra curricular activities.

Enterprise Social Responsibility has been a part and parcel of activities at Manav Rachna. Besides holding regular blood donation and Dental Check up camps, there are regular seminars and rallies held on social issues. Whether it is a drive for ‘saying no to crackers’ or the drive to ensure safe driving rules through the efforts of the Magdarshan team or a rally to spread the message of the need to abolish child labour across the city of Faridabad; such social responsibility efforts are our top priority. Similarly, SWAPAN is a small effort to educate the slum dwellers working around the University Campus, guiding their children in their school lessons and getting them admitted to high school is a way to show them light in a dark tunnel.

Radio Manav Rachna (RMR 107.8) is yet another effort towards MR enterprise social responsibility wherein programmes related to women, health, safety, youth, education and other issues relevant to the society are regularly broadcast for general welfare of the community.It regularly airs it’s programmes for about 19 hours a day, live and non-repetitive.The informative programmes of Radio Manav Rachna are accompanied by good tasteful music to provide relief and entertainment and mental relaxation to its listeners. Besides the above regular programmes, Radio Manav Rachna takes up every opportunity to spread awareness through programmes on AIDS, Needs of Adoloscents, Career Counselling, Rash Driving , Women and Child Health, Nutrition, Child Labour, Road Rage, Cancer, Smoking, Alcoholism, Medical Care and issues related to sanitation and hygiene etc.

MRIU is implementing a campus wide ERP system with a view to ensure that information about the campus can be accessed by one and all viz. Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff and the Management. This is an integrated solution to streamline various operations in the university. It shall also enable the students to access the ‘learning and support resources.

The examination system at MRIU employs credit- based format with SGPA and CGPA mode. All processes associated with the examination are computerized. M/S Tata Consultancy Services, a world class IT organization has formulated and designed the examination module for the university MRIU provides RFID based Smart Degree Certificates to its graduates which is a “pioneering endeavor in the country”, says Dr. V.K Mahna , ED & Dean Academics & Controller of Examinations. Thus, MRIU has adopted modern technology not only in enhancing the teaching learning experience but also providing academic credentials which are secured and authenticated which in turn assists the students for placements as their academic credentials can be easily verified by the employers.

Real education is not just about textbooks. Along with good academic credentials, The students must possess the right attitudes and morals when they step into the real world. With this in view, the Management at Manav Rachna has one single ideology: creating better human beings can only happen if it begins early and at an age when the child is a toddler. Five schools under the banner of MRIS have begun to instill a value system into the young ones at a very tender age, more such schools are in the offing, in India and abroad. Whether it is the Saraswati Vandana or the Gayatri Mantra, our school children learn it young and learn it strong. A 1:20 teacher student ratio at the schools is not only comfortable but also focuses on bringing out the hidden talent in each child. Whether it is horse riding, golf, karate, dance, music or theatre -they begin young and learn to give equal importance to class room study and outdoor activities. They are aware not only of the world around them but the world which is far away and yet so near because of communications. Festivals whether it is Christmas, Diwali, Holi or Halloween – just everything is celebrated within the campus.

But what really is required to reach that goal of excellence? What makes MRIU different from the rest? If we can sum up in the words of one of our senior faculty members, Col (R) V K. Gaur, Executive Director “We believe in developing scientific and spiritual minds, and It is a continuous process at Manav Rachna”.

Ours is a timeless project which is a triangular effort which involves the institution, the parents and the student,” he says with a lot of emphasis. “There can be only two paths, ”he goes on to say, “The path of values or valuables. And at MR there is no place for the path of valuables.” “We believe in inter-dependence and to which every member of the family holds prime importance and where every member is expected to contribute. In this process, mentoring by experienced members goes a long way in shaping the young minds”.