About MR-NAT

MRNAT 2014 (Manav Rachna National Admission Test) shall be conducted by the University across various disciplines, syllabi for which is available on the ‘Admission’ link on MRIU Website. University has deployed technology developed by India’s leading assessment agency ro ensure fair and transparent conduct of online test. The candidates shall be allotted a designated computer system in the examination centre and shall be required to login using Application Sequence Number and Password as conveyed to the applicant through email. It is therefore advised not to share Email IDs and Password with others to avoid complications. The questions shall appear on the monitor and the candidates shall submit answers by using mouse only. The computer system is connected to a Central Server which delivers the test in real time without web connectivity. All other functions are disabled in the machine and there is no Human involvement in the test. No formal computer knowledge is required to appear for the test. Other details and sample questions are also available on the University website. The dates of conduct of MRNAT – 2014 across various disciplines are given in the Admission Brochure.

Please find below sample paper for MR-NAT