MR International Journal of
Applied Health Sciences

About the Journal

MR International Journal of Applied Health Sciences is a broad ranging, multi-dimensional journal related to Applied Health Sciences. Focusing on the changing scenario of health matters in modern society, the journal focuses to provide an international forum for original articles and reviews. This new biannual peer reviewed publication is a forum for communicating inter-disciplinary views and researches.

MR International Journal of Applied Health Sciences seeks to promote and disseminate the knowledge by publishing original research findings, review articles, empirical investigations, theoretical papers, case studies and short communications in the field of health sciences including clinical nutrition, food processing, physiotherapy, biotechnology, sociology, psychology, and all other allied areas of health.

The Journal will offer the breadth of outlook required by health professionals, nutritionists, physiotherapists, biotechnologists, sociologists, psychologists, sports scientists and cultural theorists who are addressing health problems that cross disciplinary boundaries.

The Journal stresses on academic excellence, research rigidity, knowledge distribution, and reciprocated scholarly efforts in order to endorse theoretical, experimental and practical research at national and international levels.