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With this first issue, I am pleased to announce the launch of MR International Journal of Applied Health Sciences, by Faculty of Applied Science, Manav Rachna International University, Faridabad.

MR International Journal of Applied Health Sciences is a broad ranging, interdisciplinary journal related to Health and Applied Health Sciences. Focusing on the changing scenario of health matters in modern society, the journal will continue to provide an international forum for original articles and reviews. It will offer the breadth of outlook required by health professionals, nutritionists, physiotherapists, biotechnologists, sociologists, psychologists, sports scientists and cultural theorists who are addressing health problems that cross disciplinary boundaries.

We aim to present multidisciplinary research, concepts and ideas in the field of Applied Health Sciences through conceptual or application oriented research papers which educate our readers and give a creative thinking.

I would like to place my appreciation and thanks to the people who have helped in starting this new journal. We are particularly grateful to the worthy reviewers and the member of editorial board who provided us with a lot of support and advice, and who will continue to represent the journal in their geographical areas. We are sure that their international reputation and great expertise in the field will have a significant contribution in shaping up the journal and making MR International Journal of Applied Health Sciences a prestigious journal.

The Editorial Team thanks the management of Manav Rachna International University for this opportunity to create a medium of knowledge sharing as an ode to our VIDYA ANTARIKSHA philosophy.

Suggestions to improve the journal to better heights are welcome by the authors and readers of this journal, your encouragement and support would be the driving force for the Editorial Team.

Prof. Dr. G.L. Khanna
Editor -in- Chief



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October 2015 (Vol. 2 | No. 2 | Special Issue)


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